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OtanO Craftsmanship

At OtanO, we are committed to uncovering and mastering age-old techniques to provide our customers with exceptional jewellery that transcends the ordinary. Our offerings are more than just silver accessories; they are timeless pieces of art.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality jewellery to our discerning clientele. To achieve this, we collaborate with skilled high-jewellery artisans who are dedicated to their craft. Each piece of OtanO jewellery is unique, boasting intricate textures and shapes that reflect our commitment to detail and quality.


We are proud to use precious metals that are entirely recyclable. Silver, with proper care, can be worn indefinitely, while gold remains an eternally valuable material, as evidenced by the ancient jewellery pieces displayed in museums worldwide.

Also, most of our natural stone selection of OtanO is cut from rock before it is turned into gemstones.

We work in partnership with stone cutters, so our stones are always unique and quality is guaranteed.


Our prototype production takes place in Japan, the home country of our director. Here, every detail, from the comfort to the shape of the metal fittings, is meticulously adjusted in close collaboration with our craftsmen. This process forms the foundation of our jewellery, requiring patience, precision, and a deep respect for traditional techniques.
Also production process is carried to places carefully selected over time in Yamanashi, Hong Kong.SAR and Shenzhen where our selected artisans are.

At OtanO, we blend aesthetics with craftsmanship to create jewellery that illuminates the present, drawing from the past and looking towards the future. Our pieces are designed to enhance everyday life and contribute to a more prosperous future.

Our showroom in Nagano, Japan, nestled in a region known for its lush natural beauty, opens its doors every summer to a select few. Located just an hour and a half from Tokyo, it offers a serene setting to explore our exquisite collection.

In our quest to share our creations with the world, we relocated our headquarters to Hong Kong in 2023. We are also excited to announce the opening of a new showroom in Shenzhen, China, at the end of 2023.

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ALL images are taken at OtanO studio in Japan.