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We are all drifting in this eternal wave. 

The light of hope, echoes of love and strength of life are eventually faded into ageless gravel.
They softly collide and hug in this quiet universe.
OtanO recaptured the magical living moments of 8 stones such as
Dalmatian jasper, Agate, Tiger eye, Black onyx, Topaz, Lazurite, Aventurine, Lapis lazuli  and revived their unique stories.
We will traverse with you their wondrous past and hear their ancient whisper in this new collection. 



Dalmatian Jasper 

Most stones have special symbolisation in ancient civilisation.
Some tribes strongly believe that stones are sacred as they originate from the power of nature.
Hence, they are usually named with significance and resemblance.
For instance, the Dalmatian jasper‘s name is derived from the Greek word, iaspis, which means mottled stones.
The stone is normally associated with deity objects as it gives off a great balance of energy.
Many of jasper’s followers believe that wearing the stone will bring about light, energy, and wisdom. 




Agate appears in many great myths.
It is known as the Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love’s fallen nails.
When Aphrodite was sleeping under the tree, her mischievous son Eros, the god of love, cut off her shiny nail and soared to the sky.
Unfortunately, Eros dropped the nails and it soon turned into stones on the ground.
Aphrodite’s fallen nails remain undiscovered till It was given its name by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher who discovered the gem on the banks of river Achates in the 4th century BC.
Agate is also known as the stone of fire in the bible, which resembles the favor of god and power the stone wearers with agreeableness and persuasiveness. 




Lazurite has a comparatively complex background.
It first comes into sight in the Summerian legend, the myth of lnanna. According to the legend, Inanna entered the underworld with a lazuli necklace and rod.
In many ancient stories, the stone is also believed to contain the soul of the deity.
Scott Cunningham, a magic practitioner, wrote in his book that lazuli has a timeless association with royalty and deities which enable one to get directions, vision, truth, and increase creativity. 



In the eye of OtanO, these stones are still waiting to be unveiled. They await those who can understand their untold past.
Thus, in the new collection. OtanO boldly infuses and recreates these stone elements with the modern jewelry design.
We hope to unfold and bring a wonderful rendition of these stones’ stories closer to you. 


Writer: Huang Jia Yi (OtanO PR-dep)


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