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Welcome to OtanO
For the first visitor, please check our shopping guide before purchase.

| Material

Our products are made out of sterling silver (silver925) and K18.
We are proud to use precious metals that are entirely recyclable. Silver, with proper care, can be worn indefinitely, while gold remains an eternally valuable material, as evidenced by the ancient jewellery pieces displayed in museums worldwide.
As our designer has a metal allergy, therefore we can guarantee that OtanO keep our material in high quality.
However, if you get symptoms of metal allergy, please stop wearing and go to see a doctor immediately.  


| Care-guide

Please store your jewellery in the pouch provided and avoid hot water, cosmetics, perfume, chemicals, and sweat to increase the longevity of your piece.

Sterling silver is marked 925, which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other alloys which makes jewellery harder, therefore it gets less damages. Silver can be tarnished by natural oils in skin and sulphur in knitwear, but a good clean with a silver polish cloth or silver dip will remove tarnish. We apply Rhodium coating or Silver coating on our silver jewels to keep longevity. 

We introduce Vermeil (18k gold over Sterling silver) for our gold items. Vermeil is very thick gold coating (-2.5microns), thus it keeps gold much longer than normal 18k coated item. Vermeil should not be polished. It should be dusted with a soft cloth, cleaned gently with warm soapy water, or immersed in silver dip for a short time.

We can not ensure how long the gold layer stays on, it very depends on your wearing behaviour.
We recommend you take off vermeil item when you do sports, cooking and taking a bath.

[ 18K ]​​
18K yellow gold is marked 750 it consists of 75% gold, the rest of the alloy is silver and copper. 18K yellow needs little polishing and although care should always be taken, they need little maintenance.  


| Repair

Please add on cart to repair your product.

It will be smooth to process if you Contact or DM us after purchase the service.

  • Size down (Up to -2size) | From 15USD -
  • Size up (Up to +2size) | From 15USD -
  • Repair chain | From 10USD -

※ Vermeil (Gold coating) item needs re-coating if you wish to change size.
※ We only accept +-2 size change
※ We might not be able to change the size of a ring with stones


| Aftercare

Please add on cart to clean your product.

It will be smooth to process if you Contact or DM us after purchase the service.

  • Re-polishing | From 15USD -
  • K18 coating (2.5microns vermeil) | From 15USD -
  • Rhodium coating | From 15USD -

※ Price might be changed depends on the size of item
※ We might not be able to change the size of a ring with stones 


| Engraving

Please add on cart to engrave your words.
We engrave your custom words by laser engraving techniques.

It will be smooth to process if you Contact or DM us after purchase the service.

  • Inside the ring | From 20USD-
  • Pair ring | 30USD (for 2 rings)
  • Flat surface | From 20USD -

※ Words must be less than 12 letters.
Discuss with us if you would like to add longer words.
※ Price might be changed depends on the number of words
※ We will present various font choices after the payment
※ Make sure you can not return engraved items.  


| Payment

We accept below payment method:

  • Credit and debit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express )
  • PayPal
  • Google pay
  • Apple pay

By Contact:

  • Bank Transfer (恒生銀行)
  • HK Alipay ( DM us )
  • 支宝付 ( Go to  our Wechat or 小红书 official store: otano_official )
  • Wechat pay ( Go to our Wechat or 小红书 official store: otano_official )

For more question please contact us